Counseling for Borderline Personality Disorder

Emotions are Overwhelming
Relationships are Overwhelming
People are Overwhelming
Life is Overwhelming

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What does Borderline Personality Disorder look like?

  • Moods which change quickly, are intense, and feel unpredictable
  • Worrying people might abandon you leading you either avoid relationships, leave relationships first, or make frantic attempts to keep people in your life
  • Thinking in absolutes (good/bad, black/white, all/nothing)
  • Not having have a solid sense of yourself which leaves you feeling empty and lonely, even if, from the outside, life looks like it should be ok
  • Impulsivity which has lead you to engage in self-destructive behaviors
  • Thinking about, and maybe having attempted, suicide

  • You are trying your best, but no one believes you. You may have stumbled upon some ways to cope, drugs, sex, food, self-harm, but you still feel empty and even suicidal sometimes. It's not that you are not trying, it's that nothing you've tried has worked

    If you already have a diagnosis or you are just struggling and can't figure out why, we can help.

    Whether your reaching out for the first time or working to continue down a path of healing, engaging in therapy which address all of your issues can be key to living a happy healthy life.

    Contact us to set up a no commitment consultation no cost to you.

    Help is available and we believe healing is possible for everyone.